Blacktree crafts premium natural cosmetics from locally-sourced olive oil in the North Aegean region. This commitment began as a personal endeavor when co-founder Erhan Namlı, looking to ease his wife's severe eczema, started creating homemade soap recipes. These early creations blossomed into a brand that combines quality, sustainability, and the transformative power of nature. Inspired by the symbolic olive trees of the North Aegean, Blacktree transcends beyond a traditional brand. It embodies a commitment to sustainable and cruelty-free skincare that harnesses the power of nature. In each Blacktree product, consumers will find a fusion of efficacy and respect for the environment, reflecting the brand's deep-rooted regional ties. Blacktree's evolution is showcased through its progression within the SIXTYNINE Synergy Program, from its early days in the 'Launchpad' phase to its current status in the 'Momentum' phase. This journey reflects Blacktree's commitment to sustained growth, mirroring the continual development found in nature itself.


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2019 - Ongoing
Planting the Seed
SIXTYNINE's collaboration with Blacktree began in the 'Launchpad' phase of our Synergy Program. We devoted time to understand Blacktree's vision, mission, and business needs to identify how our services could help them launch their brand and amplify their growth. The process began with the development of an engaging brand concept and an effective strategy. We understood the value Blacktree placed on sustainability and nature, which were crucial in forming their identity. Our team incorporated these elements into the creation of distinctive packaging and an intuitive, engaging website.
Branching Out
Our efforts extended to content creation, involving the production of captivating product photos and promotional videos. These assets effectively communicated the essence of the Blacktree brand and its unique value propositions to the audience. A crucial aspect of our collaboration was the crafting and implementation of strategic growth plans. With a focus on expanding Blacktree's reach, we designed a comprehensive EU expansion strategy that considered market dynamics and potential opportunities for the brand. This strategic approach aimed to bolster Blacktree's presence and facilitate further growth.
Growing with Momentum
The journey continues with Blacktree now in the 'Momentum' phase of the Synergy Program, highlighting their steady progression. At SIXTYNINE, we remain committed to furthering Blacktree's growth, ensuring that each step aligns with their strategic objectives and upholds their commitment to nature and sustainability.
Experience the power of nature with Blacktree's premium natural cosmetics.
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