Chef de Parties

Chef de Parties, founded by two ambitious chefs, stepped into our SIXTYNINE Synergy: Launchpad program with a clear vision to create a high-end catering company. Their journey started with us at the idea stage, as they turned to us for support in building their brand from scratch. Our role was to guide them in crafting their brand identity, establishing an online presence, and formulating a strategy to navigate the competitive catering landscape.


Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Tone of Voice
Brand Styling
Concept Development
Web Design
Graphic Design
Search Engine Marketing
2023 - ongoing
The beginning
Our work with Chef de Parties began with the creation of a unique brand identity, which included a compelling brand story, logos, typography, and color scheme that would effectively resonate with their target market. We organized a photoshoot with the founders to capture the essence of their vision and personality. These photos were instrumental in shaping their brand's image and creating an authentic connection with their audience.
Consistent application of the brand identity
Subsequent to our initial tasks for 'Chef de Parties', our team undertook the design and construction of a responsive website, fit for viewing on phone, tablet, and desktop interfaces. The process involved an amalgamation of aesthetic elements and thoughtful copywriting to effectively communicate their brand message. Additionally, basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was integrated, ensuring their digital presence is well-optimized for visibility across search engines. We ensured brand consistency across all their business collaterals, designing their invoices, business cards, brochures, menus, and even t-shirts and banners in line with the brand identity. Our involvement extended to capturing their journey from the start. We shot photos and videos at their first event, encapsulating the essence of their offerings, which were then expertly edited to reflect the premium experience that Chef de Parties promised to deliver.
Next steps
We set up their social media profiles, a crucial step in this digital age, and laid out a growth strategy designed to guide them through their short, mid, and long-term goals. As a synergy partner, our engagement with Chef de Parties is built on the commitment to foster their growth and guide them on future approaches tailored to their budget. This holistic approach ensured that they were not just equipped for the present but well-prepared for the future.
Experience the Gourmet Journey
Visit the Chef de Parties website to immerse yourself in their culinary adventure and see how we helped bring their vision to life.