Jazz Moments

Jazz Moments, initiated by a passionate jazz saxophonist, became a part of our SIXTYNINE Synergy: Launchpad program with the determined vision to create a unique band and booking agency catering to events and weddings. They joined us at the idea stage, seeking our expertise to construct their brand from the ground up. Our task was to assist them in carving out their brand identity, setting up a robust online presence, and devising a strategic plan to make their mark in the bustling music and events industry.


Growth Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Tone of Voice
Visual Brand Guideline
Brand Styling
Concept Development
Web Design
Graphic Design
Content Marketing
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2023 - Ongoing
Striking the Right Note
In creating their brand identity, we designed a unique narrative, logos, typography, and a color palette that not only resonates with their primary target audience of events and weddings, but also subtly departs from the traditional aesthetics associated with niche jazz bands. This approach aligns with the band's desire to cater to a wider audience, offering a more universally appealing aesthetic that encapsulates the elegance of such occasions while still maintaining the unique flair of their jazz-centric offering.
Crafting a Harmonious Digital Presence
In the wake of the brand formation for 'Jazz Moments', we designed and built a responsive website that resonates optimally with their target audience across phone, tablet, and desktop interfaces. Coupled with meticulous crafting of the textual content, we also integrated basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for improved online visibility. Additionally, we provided premium hosting services and continue to manage timely updates as per the evolving needs of the business. One of the key elements to capture the soulful essence of Jazz Moments was a promotional video. We conceptualized, shot, and edited a video that not only encapsulated the spirit of the band but also resonated with their target audience at events and weddings. In order to maximize their digital presence, we also set up their social media platforms. By devising a creative strategy, we ensured their brand message was consistently delivered to their audience across all platforms.
Guiding the Jazz Journey: Short, Medium, and Long-Term Growth
As part of our partnership with Jazz Moments, we developed a comprehensive growth strategy. We continue to work with them, advising on how to approach future growth in the short, medium, and long term, always considering their budget and overarching business objectives. Our commitment to Jazz Moments as 'synergy partners' is ongoing - we do what is necessary to support their growth and success.
Experience the rhythm that drives Jazz Moments
Fueling performances filled with passion and energy. Visit the Jazz Moments Website.