Sedena, a Turkish brand entrenched in the olive oil cosmetics industry, is committed to the well-being of its customers and the environment. Known for its environmentally conscious approach, Sedena crafts skin-friendly products that mirror their dedication to quality and embody the spirit of Turkish heritage. Sedena joined the Synergy program of SIXTYNINE Agency at the 'Momentum' stage, progressing currently in the 'Apex' phase. With a strong heritage of being a family business since 2002, Sedena approached us seeking a comprehensive rebranding and the creation of an e-commerce platform. Since 2002, Sedena has been manufacturing and exporting some of Turkey's most unique olive oil soaps. Each soap is a testament to the brand's dedication to quality and the unforgettable experience they aim to provide to their customers. The rebranding journey undertaken with SIXTYNINE aims to capture the essence of Sedena's heritage and the charm of their products while establishing a strong digital presence through e-commerce.


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2019 - Ongoing
Designing Coherence: Constructing Sedena's Premium Brand Identity
Our collaboration with Sedena was a transformative journey that began with an all-encompassing rebranding strategy. Faced with the challenge of Sedena's diverse product line-up, we responded by devising a unique design system. This system seamlessly weaves a consistent brand identity across all product categories, fortifying the brand's distinctive presence in the market.
The Birth of Sedena's E-commerce Platform
At the heart of this transformation lies the new e-commerce platform, a digital embodiment of Sedena's refreshed brand. This platform, integrated within Sedena's revamped website, serves as a digital storefront for the brand. Mirroring Sedena's revitalized aesthetics, the e-commerce platform offers a seamless shopping experience, presenting each unique product in a visually captivating manner that resonates with the brand's ethos. In addition to the e-commerce facet, we enriched the website with captivating content designed to engage visitors and accentuate Sedena's brand story. This includes striking product photos, engaging narrative content, and dynamic promotional videos, each carefully crafted to reflect Sedena's commitment to quality and its proud Turkish heritage.
Orchestrating Sedena's Growth Blueprint
Beyond the digital and visual transformation, our collaboration was also strategic. We carved out a comprehensive growth strategy, designed not just to keep pace with the industry but to propel Sedena into a position of leadership. This strategy equips Sedena to navigate the evolving market dynamics confidently and seize future opportunities, thereby sustaining the momentum of their growth. By meshing these elements — rebranding, e-commerce, captivating content, and growth strategy — we fortified Sedena's market position, setting the stage for the brand's continued evolution and success.
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