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You might be wondering: why did these guys called their agency SixtyNine?

Simple answer: It’s the most visually pleasing number.

Not so simple answer: When Emre was DJ’ing he had a special slipmat that had the number “69” on it. When he first brought it to a club to play with it, he realized that every time it spins 360 degrees, you see the same number twice. As a visual thinker, he really started admiring the number.

On the other hand, Alex started using the number “69” as his racing number when he was competing with his dirt bike. Same reason for admiration.

When the duo met randomly in a Rotterdam bar, Alex had a helmet on with his racing number: “69”. Emre saw it and kept it in his mind without commenting on it.

5 months later, Emre contacted Alex for a project, they did the project together and realized that they had to start an agency together. And obviously they didn’t even think about a name: SixtyNine was naturally born.

69, visually like yin and yang, defines the duo’s strong connection. Personally on the opposite ends in many topics, creating wholeness. And this is the unique essence of SixtyNine Agency.